I’ve tried to think of my nomination as recognition of my work and the performance. After initial tryouts the musical version of the film has now officially opened on Broadway, with a West End run announced for 2021! May 5, 2020 - Publicity pics, screen caps and quotes from the movie and Broadway Show. I may very well have discovered my post-theater career, but I hope that is a long way away. The darkened “Moulin Rouge!” marquee at the Al Hirschfeld Theater.Credit...Thomas Prior for The New York Times. Like Broadway itself, the theater’s stage door is closed indefinitely. directed by Baz Luhrmann and written by Luhrmann and Craig Pearce.. Stage favorite Aaron Tveit and Tony winner Karen Olivo are stepping into the shoes of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman for the pre-Broadway run of Moulin Rouge! I’ve missed everything in my life. Some, particularly performers and musicians, have found other work. Nonetheless, without a regular salary, many say they are struggling. Nov 24, 2020 - Explore Kiley W.'s board "Moulin Rouge", followed by 124 people on Pinterest. The show, adapted from Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film, was last season’s big swing — it cost $28 million to bring to Broadway — and it was shaping up to be a home run. Moulin Rouge! RACHEL GOLUB (violist/violinist) Beginning in September, small jobs began to trickle in: a recording session, an orchestral video shoot. He is known for originating the roles of Gabe in Next to Normal and Frank Abagnale Jr. in the stage version of Catch Me If You Can on Broadway. We’ll see if I have to leave my apartment, that I’ve been in for 10 years, to couch surf. OLIVO I hope that everyone is working to change the industry and not just trying to get back so we can fill our coffers again. Months after they recovered, some of the Covid survivors are worried about lingering effects. He was impressed by Tveit’s vocal range, and how he put his own twists on a wide-ranging collection of covers. SAVAGE I’m so hopeful of Broadway’s return that I’ve not gone to pick up my things from the theater. opened on Broadway at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre, with previews starting on … MORGAN MARCELL (actor) I was holding hands with someone who later tested positive for Covid while they made the announcement we’d be closed. So we made the decision in mid-June to move out of our house, put our things in storage and go to Bozeman, Montana, where I grew up, to be with and near family. The Musical is a jukebox musical with a book by John Logan.The musical is based on the 2001 film Moulin Rouge! When I started I couldn’t do 5 in a row. OLIVO [The actress] Eden Espinosa and I started this nonprofit, AFECT, to educate other artists about the business. MAX CLAYTON (actor) I thought I was getting a cold, and then I became fluish with fevers and chills. Aaron Tveit Memorabilia Available Aaron Kyle Tveit (born October 21, 1983) is an American actor and singer. TVEIT I will be there with bells on. ZUBER I was in Prague, and I got a text from [the “Oslo” director] Bart Sher saying, “Oh my God, you just got nominated.” I was so excited. BURSTEIN I was in the shower, and I started coughing up blood, and I thought, “This is bad.” My son walked me over to the hospital. One night I was so choked up I couldn’t speak — nothing would come out. I’ve started dancing again, and it just feels like something is off in my chest. He was born Dec. 29. “There’s something sort of grim and poetic about it,” he said. 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From Moulin Rouge! It’s all just sitting there. Thirty minutes after the shutdown we purchased tickets. DAVID DIGNAZIO (sound engineer) I’ve had only one paid day of work since March 12, so money is a constant source of stress. On March 6, the production barred the cast from greeting fans at the door or giving backstage tours. The musical premiered on July 10, 2018, at the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston. In the days following the Broadway shutdown, numerous company members realized they had Covid. The Great White Way run follows an acclaimed pre-Broadway premiere at Boston's Colonial Theatre. A few hours later, Broadway shut down, and it has been closed ever since. I was there six days, and one of the days in the middle was particularly difficult — I’d made peace with dying, because I felt myself going there. OLIVO My husband and I both made a risky call to get out of New York, because we were afraid we would not be able to see our kids, who we co-parent with their biological mother in Wisconsin. And then on March 12, Tam Mutu, who plays the villainous Duke of Monroth, told management that he had a fever. He is known for originating the musical theatre roles of Gabe in Next to Normal, Frank Abagnale Jr. in the stage version of Catch Me If You Can, and the role of Christian in Moulin Rouge! JANET HINE (Australian costume associate) There’s about 400 costumes, and there will be about 70 people working on them — beaders, crystal applicators, shoemakers, milliners. Moulin Rouge! CLAYTON I was paranoid that I was letting people down, looking like a weak incapable dancer, a whiner, all of the things that so many actors fear. I came down last year to do pre-screens with the Australian casting director, and I was here for a week when Carmen said, “You’ve got to get out.” Now we’re literally picking up where we left off. TVEIT I was sleeping 13 hours a night, was very lethargic, and I felt like I had chlorine up my nose for two weeks. in November, and the disease was progressing rapidly. I ate vitamins on an empty stomach, threw them up on 47th, grabbed a smoothie, and started putting on lots of eyeliner. Ten months after the last performance of the season, an awards ceremony remains unscheduled. I asked everybody in my texting family to send me jokes, because I felt the curtain closing, and I thought the only way I could combat it was with humor. “I really feel like the success of that song is this emotional exorcism that he goes through when he delivers it every night.”, Between traveling to and from Manhattan’s own version of the Parisian cabaret, Tveit tries to keep a low profile. You see one person’s out for a week, and then another person’s out for a week — you’re like, OK, take your echinacea and your elderberry. The show’s advance sales, once hefty, are now zero. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. CURTIS I’m currently back out West auditioning for film and television projects in Los Angeles. I am now in luxury real estate. I had a high fever and aches, but the biggest symptom was complete exhaustion. The ghost light is still up on the Hirschfeld stage. “I would say 75% of them are asking for a picture if you’re doing it.” And like Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail, he says yes to almost everyone. RODBRO I launched my production company, Heredia Vision, to make digital content and provide opportunities for women in entertainment. Not all stage versions of popular movies turn out to be smash hits — just ask the producers of “Carrie” or “Big.” But “Moulin Rouge!” has emerged as a feel-good hit of the season, attracting everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Nicole Kidman (who played the original Satine in the movie) to Lin-Manuel Miranda. I didn’t feel great, but I went back. See more ideas about Moulin rouge, Moulin rouge movie, Ewan mcgregor. The Musical is officially headed to Broadway. JEIGH MADJUS (actor) We have so many international tourists come to the show and I always do the stage door. I was so happy they decided to go forward with it — it was a strange year and a shortened season, but there was a lot of great work done. The Musical . People noticed. We met with every department head to talk about opportunities, on Broadway and on tour. Confusion. JUSTIN LEVINE (musical supervisor/orchestrator) Two or three days after everything closed, I got sick. Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo will headline the new musical adaptation of “ Moulin Rouge ,” the stage adaptation of the 2001 Baz Luhrmann film. GARCIA-LEE I’ve been doing eight shows a week on Broadway since I was 17. There’s an anonymity here, because people are just trying to get on with their lives. Inside a tumultuous year, in the words of those who lived it. He followed that up with the 2011 musical adaptation of “Catch Me If You Can,” taking over the con-man role played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Steven Spielberg movie. It was new territory, but exciting. Stage favorite Aaron Tveit and Tony winner Karen Olivo are stepping into the shoes of Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman for the pre-Broadway run of Moulin Rouge! Now, Tveit is making his return to the Great White Way in Moulin Rouge! In late May, a wave of protests around the world began, prompted by the killings of Black Americans by police officers. The Musical is the sole entry in the L eading Actor in a Musical category. It feels like a shot in the dark to pivot this way in a pandemic, but it feels like my only option until live theater is back. I was winded by walking to the bathroom. I firmly believe we would have drowned in debt and stress otherwise. We wanted to have actionable conversations. Excitement. Part of it is educating people to the inequities, because the numbers are irrefutable. musical just began Broadway preview performances and it's already bringing in the big bucks. I came back to work long before I was better. SAHR NGAUJAH (actor) My father is Sierra Leonean, so we saw Ebola firsthand. A substantial number have left New York, at least for now. Actor Aaron Tveit is unafraid to explore his performing art across all mediums — appearing as Gareth Ritter on the television series BrainDead and playing Tony Silvero in Carol Morley’s drama Out of Blue, to name a few of his diversified projects —but he currently resides in Broadway’s Al Hirschfeld Theater embodying the innocent American writer Christian in Alex Timbers’ Moulin Rouge! I’m too old to start a new career or side hustle. Take a look back on Aaron's career, and see what he's been up to since we last saw him on a Broadway stage! Three of my best friends were going to be in the audience, but I didn’t have the strength, and my brain was cloudy. “When you’re not in a musical but you still live in New York, you’re still always seeing theater,” Tveit says. on Broadway, for which he received a 2020 Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in a Musical and a 2020 Grammy Award nomination for Best Musical Theater Album, as well as for his portrayal of Enjolras in the 2012 film adaptation of Les Misérables. The meeting of the Bohemians and introduction to Christian, Toulouse (Sahr Ngaujah) and Santiago (Ricky Rojas) starts off a bit tongue-in-cheek. Aaron Kyle Tveit is an American actor and singer. The darkened “Moulin Rouge!” marquee at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. “But at the same time, it stays the same. “Aaron was involved in the development in really exciting ways,” Timbers says. KEVIN CURTIS (actor) I was in full drag makeup, ready for the matinee, when the company was called down to the house. ALLIE DUFFORD (associate company manager) In January and February alone, we were preparing for our appearance on “Good Morning America,” a visit to the Grammys, a performance at a conference in the Bahamas, not to mention running eight performances a week. A statue and a photo from an earlier production in the theater’s otherwise empty VIP lounge. KAREN OLIVO (actor) I lost a whole day — woke up around 8 or 9, went to the rest room, passed out in a chair, and woke up again at 10:45 that night. His name is Carver Elijah Petinaud. CLAYTON I imagine that our reopening night will be even bigger than our first. So many people have said to me that they’re happy that I’m back on Broadway, and that’s been surprising. Tony Award nominees Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit sing “Come What May”, from Moulin Rouge! You walk around, and it’s just you in space. “The name of the game of this is recovery,” says Tveit, who finds ways to wind down from performing until 10 p.m. six nights a week. HURDER I’m terrified, because my show is so physically demanding. As 2020 dawned, “Moulin Rouge!” was settling in for what the company hoped would be a long and lucrative run. ASHLEY RODBRO (associate director) I realized I hadn’t sat still in years, and I wasn’t sure I even knew how to. Ten months after the final efficiency of the season, an awards ceremony stays unscheduled. on Dec. 23. I’ve also reupholstered some chairs. “Moulin Rouge!” scored 14 nods, including for the show itself, as well as for the actors Burstein, Hurder, Ngaujah, Olivo and Tveit (who, in a highly unusual situation, was the only person nominated in his category). KATIE KRESEK (concertmaster/co-orchestrator) My Italian in-laws and friends were sending daily stories of the severity of the situation in Milan and Florence: hospitals filling up, doctors and nurses overwhelmed. JOHN LOGAN (book writer) We were talking about rollout plans, auditioning for the national tour, discussing London and Australia and even thinking about translations. I had two N95 masks in a go- bag; I grabbed a duffle bag and my dog and got on a plane. During the time off, Bobby Wooten III, a bassist in the show’s orchestra, created an Instagram video project exploring history through a Black and Puerto Rican lens. It was beautiful seeing what it was becoming. Long before Moulin Rouge!The Musical ever made it to Broadway, hundreds of artists and artisans had already spent thousands of hours at their craft to bring our show to life. Tveit, who is 35, grew up in upstate New York and moved to Manhattan shortly after graduating from Ithaca College. Every iota of the production has to be on point. I have looked for other work but haven’t found anything. I love archery, and bought my first real bow and arrow set. In 2009, he opened to rave reviews in the rock musical “Next to Normal,” as the teenage son of a woman with bipolar disorder, and he landed a recurring role as Chace Crawford’s cousin on “Gossip Girl,” which shot throughout New York, in the hip neighborhoods and restaurants of the late ’00s. We’re going to livestream the final auditions to New York for the creative team. I may retire in order to collect my pension. So the moment I got better, I was like, this moment is not going to be lost on me. AARON TVEIT (actor) We all heard what was happening in China, but that had happened before, with H1N1 and SARS. That was the beginning of it for me. WOOTEN I started an Instagram video project that I am extremely proud of called “America, Learn Your History.” In two-minute episodes, I tell history through a Black/Puerto Rican lens. Photograph: Matthew Murphy. “They’re so supportive of the show and to me personally. The stage has been dark since. AND ABOVE ALL...LOVE. It was a Broadway smash with big plans until 25 company members took ill and a shutdown put everybody out of work. AARON TIEN (merchandise manager) I became very self-conscious as a Chinese-American. Chace and Penn [Badgley] were going to barbecue, and they invited me to lunch with them. For years, Timbers dreamed of working in the century-old house, and in the summer of 2019, he got the chance with “Moulin Rouge!,” a hot-blooded musical about bohemian artists whose revelry is tragically disrupted by infectious disease. The schedule was super-hard, and I was constantly tired, like a zombie, but my wife and son were visiting from France, and the fact that they were there made everything better. My wife wound up getting it as well, we’re pretty sure — she lost her sense of smell and had terrible headaches — but thankfully it wasn’t so severe. “It’s a lot, but it’s great,” he says. And it’s not just the storytelling, but the friendships I develop over the course of the run. Moulin Rouge! OLIVO I have yet to go to the doctor to check out what my lungs look like, but I know I’m going to have to have someone look. But for its plump, sleek two-and-a-half hours of stage time, “Moulin Rouge” — which stars a knockout Karen Olivo, with Aaron Tveit and … BURSTEIN The nominations came on a day that was particularly tough for my wife, when she was choking and gasping for air. “Moulin Rouge!” scored 14 nods, including for the show itself, as well as for Burstein, Hurder, Ngaujah, Olivo and Tveit (who, in a highly unusual situation, was the only person nominated in his category). ... As tensions run … I was a competitive horseback rider when I was younger, so I started riding again. NICK GINSBERG (associate general manager) Me and my husband adopted a little baby girl! It’s a little different than we’re used to, with all the protocols, but I’m excited. I sang a song for a benefit, and when I went to get it on tape, I was struggling. NGAUJAH Taking care of the little one, my first child.
“I would say 75% of them are asking for a picture if you’re doing it.” And like Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail, he says yes to almost everyone. ARNOLD My wife and I had started a very small CBD topical business that mostly served the Broadway community.