I love Essential Oils and have been using them for years! – Both companies offer business opportunities and are direct selling companies, also known as MLMs (multi-level-marketing companies). When buying individually, Young Living’s is cheaper by about sixty cents. When it comes to the actual products, there really isn’t much of a difference. Young Living Foundation has also spearheaded helping a variety of locations recover from natural disasters by providing hygiene supplies, volunteers, healthy foods, and essential oils to hurricane and earthquake affected areas in the US as well. I’m sooooo happy I took the chance!! This foundation’s projects include: Young Living runs their Young Living Foundation (YLF), founded in 2009. I can see from your point of view how this article would have a slant towards Young Living because that is the company I chose. In a March 29, 2019 release, Bloomberg reported that Young Living Essential Oils surpassed $1billion in sales in each of the last 3 years. p. s. I heard DT rebottle their oils?! P.S. I do know Young Living is very transparent with their distillation process and leaves the plant matter in the distillation process much longer than any other company I know, which allows them to unlock more constituents in most their oils. They follow strict Sourcing, Processing, and Testing criteria. I was initially hesitant to take pill supplements after having years of experience becoming sick from other companies’ products. Created to Fly, DoTerra, essential oils, Spark Naturals, Spark Naturals comparison chart, Young Living. I have not yet heard anything in regards to them opening their partner farms to members to see or participate in the process. Though this may have been largely a leadership issue. My favorite is the cleaner concentrate and the laundry detergent. Like doTERRA & YL, REVIVE Essential Oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade. Young Living requires their wholesale customers to only purchase 50pv each year (PV is often the same as the dollar amount for most products). doTERRA’s sells for $14.50 wholesale for 12 oz. And I had to be honest with myself as a research analyst that results aren’t always what we want. Was a little concerned about your post until i had read through it. This process is steam distillation and for citrus Essential Oils it is cold pressing. I was so sure the ruling would go in Young Living’s favor, that this prompted me to dig deeper. With the amount of ridiculous bickering and drama that has been stirred up on both sides of the debate, I commend both companies for doing what they need to do to bring out the truth and silence people only stirring the pot with inaccurate garbage just so they can gain views and cause a problem (many of whom have been proven to have been paid by companies not related to essential oil production). Both companies’ baby products smell wonderful and contain quality ingredients that will feel good to use. Don’t miss our guide on how to find quality essential oils to make sure you’re not wasting your money on brands that legally carry out questionable or unethical practices and mislead you through deceitful marketing practices. You have heard me say this but it’s worth saying again. Starting out, however, is a different story. Both companies have great reputations in the oil world, and for good reason. I think they both compare very well with each other. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. To maintain the wholesale membership, doTERRA requires you pay an annual subscription of $25 (similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership). DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Products. I felt like Young Living had all their info laid out in a much more user friendly fashion. Yes… if you see anyone with links to other oil brands that are talking about medical condition claims or treating anything that uses essential oils in a manner similar to medication… the company they are endorsing has failed them miserably, and putting that blogger at risk for legal action from both state and federal governments. Not trying to slam doTerra just really when you get down to it there are very few perks compared to Young Living & their customer service is terrific! Having a hobby mechanic for a husband who also was actively gardening with me, that was not at all ok. Needless to say we don’t use it anymore. I do have a list of toxins I avidly avoid that you’re welcome to check out too in my healthy home course. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I needed fewer drops in the diffuser to fill the room, which significantly offset the couple dollar difference in initial price… I was using more doTERRA oil than I was Young Living oil each time I ran the diffuser to experience the same effect… which means I was replacing my Young Living oils less than I was replacing my doTERRA oils. Young Living made me feel much more comfortable with their Orange Blossom Face Wash and ART Intensive Moisturizer which I really did enjoy (as did my husband)! This is a personal decision for people on which is better for that. If they do, they run the risk of losing their business and being punished by the FDA. “African Hearts” is a rescue program for children living in Kisenyi, Uganda, the biggest slum in all of Africa. I’m also incredibly impressed by the amount of business growth they continue to experience while still remaining true to their values and produce products that are healthy. We would love to hear about it in the comments below! When I began this comparison I was a new mom who recently had overcome some intense medical issues. The essential oil debate is raging and I can’t help but jump in at this point. If Young Living and doTERRA sold the absolute best essential oils on the market, maybe the opinion expressed in the previous section would be different. As a qualified naturopath and herbalist with over 10 year’s experience and also specific training in aromatherapy – I’d like … I’m curious to know if you’ll do an updated comparison; especially post legal proceedings that showed Seed to Seal is not practiced across all of YL’s products? You have successfully invited us into your email. Their projects include: My doTERRA sponsor was absolutely wonderful, though within a year of my decision to deactivate my doTERRA account and pursue continuing to use Young Living, she ended up leaving doTERRA to join Young Living too. I really like that Young Living sells many more oils, 87 oils and 85 oil blends, with occasional additional promotional blends. Nicole The only other company I recommend after all my research and personal comparisons is the Oshadhi USA brand. I had next to nothing when it came to spline support beyond my sponsor – which brings me to a quick point…. Regardless if you choose to build a business with doTERRA or Young Living (if you’re even interested in the business), I hope you ask the important questions to ensure you’ll be supported the way you need to. I think there is generally a misconception that doTERRA oils are a lot more expensive than Young Living. I appreciate you reading and commenting on this page. That went into the trash. Yes. doTERRA now has their On Guard foaming hand soap too, and it is very similar to the Thieves… basically which do you like more… orange or lemon? Not all essential oils are created equally. It was decent in the winter and did what we needed it to do, but in the summer we quickly noticed it did not remove any heavy sweat smell from the clothes, even after a few washes. After extensive research, I chose to go with REVIVE Essential Oils. Because both companies do not have a cosmetic line, I won’t be filling out this section. Hi Danielle, thank you for commenting! Hi Kathleen, thanks for commenting! Being an information analyst, I quickly became frustrated when I couldn’t find additional answers from the company’s sites. In regards to the cleaners, I think you’d be happy with both options too. I was left feeling appreciated and respected after interactions with doTERRA. Some people prefer the oils doTERRA makes, some prefer Young Living. Our babysitter also loves it because it’s the only soap she has tried that cleans, smells good, and doesn’t aggravate her weight lifting calluses. Young Living vs Doterra Compensation Plan. Please check your email for a message from Nicole@EssentialOils.Life to confirm you provided us permission to email you. They also use products like STEARALKONIUM CHLORIDE and COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE that I personally don’t appreciate. Interestingly enough, my doTERRA sponsor also switched to Young Living 7 months after this post was initially created in February 2015. They both, however, work much better than any other brand of cleaners I’ve used in the past (Windex, Lysol, Pinesol, Clorox, Legacy of Clean, The Honest Company, EcoSense…etc), and neither makes me go on sneezing fits when I spray them which was constant with the store-bought brands). So you will need to decide for yourself which you like better and if you’re more interested in cost savings or ingredients. Because doTERRA hasn’t yet acquired comparable products, I will update this post and fill this section out when they do. In all honesty, I would have to choose Young Living’s Orange Blossom Face Wash, a homemade toner, and the Orange Blossom Moisturizer. This means you can try to make money by selling the products to friends and acquaintances. doTERRA has been slowly catching up with providing more information in a more streamlined manner, which I think is long overdue, but fantastic for current members. I’m totally with you on the drama. On average, I noticed the same potency with 3-4 drops of Young Living’s oils as I did with 5-6 drops of doTERRA’s oils. Say you have 2 recruits underneath you as a starter member – doTERRA will pay you 2% commission whereas YL is 8%. Each can be purchased individually or in a gift basket (rope basket, wash cloth, and baby towel are included in the gift set). It took me forever to realize they had a separate website that lists product information guides and ingredients lists for all their products, of course I found that after trying a few of their items. I have not personally tried and compared Young Living and doTERRA’s pill supplements as of yet… it honestly makes me a bit nervous. PROTIP #2: Revive has a COUPON CODE for New Customers, NEWCUSTOMER10. Months 4-24 you earn 20%, and 25+ months you earn 25%. This has been most helpful. After signing up, I was pleased with my decision. I really appreciated Young Living hitting the ground running with flooding their members with references on how to talk about oils properly, and even used my knowledge to help friends who work as doTERRA Wellness Advocates navigate the whole change in communication needs. I am currently trying a couple of things from each.. trying to decide which company is for me. I have been using Essential Oils for 15 years, but a few years ago, I learned about different Essential oils brands and different qualities of essential oils and wanted to up my game to make sure I was getting the absolute best essential oils. I found doTERRA’s to be a bit sweeter, almost reminiscent of candy… especially their peppermint oil. After much meditation and prayer, I gravitated to the Well Oiled Abundance team. Because of that, I feel that doTERRA has a lot of growing needed in their Wellness Advocate training programs and hope they achieve the higher level soon. ? I loved that my spending money on cleaners and oils helped contribute to their income. While walking through a parking lot on my way to a prenatal appointment in 2013, I noticed a SUV in the parking lot that had a doTERRA sticker across the back window. During months 4-6 they give back 15%. I’m not 100% convinced they do. They also include shipping costs for the amount of points their members earn too. When it comes to quantity… I was honestly a bit overwhelmed with the thought of needing to make most of my own blends, which using doTERRA’s oils would require me to do. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. doTERRA runs their Healing Hands Foundation (founded in 2012). Revive also has a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee – basically they let you return if you don’t like them – you can return even after you open the bottle. I have tried both as well and I find doTERRA to be superior in customer service and in product and delivery. For me, the price difference isn’t enough to sway me to use ingredients that I don’t feel are safe for my family, especially when Young Living’s feels lighter on my hair. The Luscious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap wholesales for $44.25 for a 3-pack (~$14.75 ea). doTERRA used to interact more by emailing subscribers with product training, which is especially nice for beginners, but can be spammy with the amount they email – you are able to change your email subscriptions. On m’a déjà mentionné que c’est 2 compagnies étaient qu’une seule compagnie par le passé et qu’elles se sont séparées pour une divergence que je ne connais pas… I know Young Living has gone above and beyond from the beginning of the Corona Virus pandemic to ensure its members are not making improper claims and providing additional training. That’s how they’re able to offer the same quality 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade oils at lower prices. – Free Shipping & Free Returns. I know first hand what the farming and producing practices are for both companies. A 15 ml bottle of doTerra oils will cost $20-$45. They know how hard it is to get the pure essential oil. My mind was intrigued enough to create a matrix to show me the difference in blends and which blends translate to the other company’s and was honestly shocked to see similarities in their pricing. I’ve used both doTERRA & Young Living extensively. Too many teams are teaching their people to spam messages to friends, family, and strangers using scripts… and all that does is cause heartache, headaches, and repetitive failures that discourage beginners and contribute to the 95% failure rate. For example, it’s not true that YL gets it’s Essential Oils from their own farms. This gives you 10% OFF on your first purchase. Ouch. Because I was never interested in the business opportunity, I always feel it’s me that is paying for all the fancy trips the Upline takes – because well, I am. What questions or experiences do you have? While each offers oils the other doesn’t, they don’t differ much in their entry price. You can find us on social media at: Fill out your information to join our 4,000+ subscribers and followers in receiving our latest healthy lifestyle information, tips, tricks, and recipes. I have not yet seen their baby products available individually. Update 2020: doTERRA was called out again in a letter from the FDA for their distributors violating FDA/FTC regulations for income and health claims. When I started this article and the comparison, I was set out to prove that Young Living wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I honestly thought it was a local shop, and tried searching for it upon returning home, quickly found TONS of info about doTERRA and Young Living. That’s NOT the kind of company I want to be affiliated with. Young Living gives customers enrolled in their Essential Rewards program 10-25% of their purchase point value. Your account will remain active until 12 months after your last 50+pv order. Required fields are marked *. Instead, they have better prices. Thank you for commenting, Rich! September 7, 2013 / 12:24 pm. – Testing. Young Living emails only twice per month, with the exception of order processing and shipping status updates. As for “science proves” – well… having studied science and statistics A LOT in several academic environments, and also studying different trends in business (specifically corporate sabotage), I’m not so convinced. There are very few supplements I have not reacted too, and those are very gentle. Update 6/2018: It was brought to my attention that doTERRA’s formulations for their hair care has changed since I tried them. my husband does prefer the lavender one over the Thieves, but I think that is mainly because when the Thieves one gets low, it ends up squirting extra far when he uses it, hitting his midsection (while I get a laugh out of it, he isn’t too amused). If you need anything or have more questions about my journey, you’re welcome to contact me on our contact page. Your email address will not be published. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. I’m so skeptical. It breaks my heart, and is why I have a post about how to choose an up-line. All 3 have the Supplement Facts on the back of the bottles so it’s easy to tell which can be ingested, cooked with, etc. This initiative provides entrepreneurs with small business loans and education needed to be successful and help them elevate their communities through economic development. Young Living definitely has many more products, which can be a bit overwhelming to new members, but I really enjoy having so many options to choose from easily and without needing to source from multiple places. I like doTERRA Serenity, I get through my day with YL Stress Away, I use doTERRA Purify to deodorize the air. The foaming wash smelled woody (it has cedarwood oil in it), but I didn’t feel the clean or refreshed feeling I expected after using it. Young Living sells theirs for $29.50 wholesale ($38.82 retail). Which team you’re on is really the make or break decision on whether you’re actually going to be supported or not… and the type of support you’re going to receive. Young Living also offers additional free oils and/or products at the 250, 300, and sometimes 400 point levels. Much has changed since your did this thorough comparison. doTERRA’s shampoo does contain PEG (Polyethylene glycol – made by ethoxylating propylene glycol, and is toxic) and polysorbate 60 (a petroleum product that may cause cancer). If you need help in your current business or wish to join our team, let me know. “Hope For Justice” initiative helps train police, care homes, doctors, and outreach programs to identify victims and/or work appropriately with identifying, rescuing, and supporting people affected by human trafficking in Cambodia. They grow their plants in wild conditions (no chemicals), and have a high quality standard for everything they create. I was disappointed with doTERRA for providing only enough information to keep me asking questions. Do those two oils make a difference? Like doTERRA, every lot of every Revive Essential Oil is independently tested & certified with GC/MS tests and 20 other tests. I hope that helps! Young Living’s sells for $22 wholesale for 14 oz, with the option of purchasing a 64 oz bottle for $85.25. Thieves did work more efficiently for me. While thats a lot better than it used to be, the ingredients they use is still not within my comfort zone to recommend. But the prices are so much better if you subscribe that you feel silly not subscribing. You can read more about my research into Revive Essential Oils in this article: My Honest Review of REVIVE Essential Oils. When you look at the process, the oils are distilled and put into barrels for shipping. I have not yet heard whether doTERRA will catch up with Young Living in creating or acquiring their own cosmetic line. My kit should arrive tomorrow so keen to check the difference. I say “marketing” because that is what their “Certified Therapeutic Grade” trademark is… a trademark. I guess that one really comes down to personal preference and cost. They both feel light, smell great, and work as expected for normal use. The reason? I had a hard enough time shelling out $165 for Young Living’s starter kit (for about $350+ worth of product) that I couldn’t find it in me to spend $275 for doTERRA’s closest resembling kit. So looked into YL recently and signed up. Yup. Summer of 2015 Young Living launched their Thieves laundry detergent that I was honestly hesitant to try after my On Guard detergent experience, but felt compelled to give it a try. The Orange Blossom felt and smelled incredibly light and very refreshing on my face, which was very pleasing. I didn’t know anyone who sold Young Living, so I scouted the blogosphere (mainly through Pinterest) for well over a year searching for someone like-minded that I felt I could trust and count on. I end up feeling just as silly subscribing because I end up sending hundreds of dollars per year. A few years later, my cousin decided to join doTERRA, and since has been my primary go-to point of contact for updated information. doTERRA’s wholesales for $22.50 for a 2-pack (~$11.25). The oils I had purchased at my local grocery store were quickly running out, and I wanted to explore other options after having developed headaches while using them. In my experience, people I talk with want to know why I made the choices I’ve made based on the products and customer service they can expect. Learn more in this comparison article. Designed using Unos. And both practice First Distillation (this means the plants/trees/flowers are distilled once to get the highest potency Essential Oil). Yep, although you see other “essential oil companies” out there, they all are marketing companies. See Comparison Chart. While YL owns some of its own farms, 99% of YL Essential Oils come from 3rd party partner farms, just like doTERRA. I do like that Young Living has the wipes available… That is the one item I use the most when it comes to baby hygiene, and I do appreciate having a nontoxic alternative without having to DIY instead of resorting to using typical store-bought products that my baby has reacted to each time we’ve used them. (This is what I primarily use). I looked at the support I was able to receive with the upline and customer service. I LOVE having a nontoxic cleaning solution to use around the house, especially with having small children. Powered by WordPress. Now this is my opinion based on my research and testing: With Revive Essential Oils, you get all the good of doTERRA & Young Living, but none of the bad. For current promotions from Young Living, check out our current promotions page at www.essentialoils.life/current-promotions. That also makes me feel comfortable using them on my toddler for his hand washing needs. There are so many additional reasons why I prefer Young Living oils that you didn’t mention, one of which is they help people in third world countries as well as hurricane victims from this past year. As rated 1, with the right information to keep me asking questions ’ ll update the post soon those! Guard oil being the same products smell wonderful and contain quality ingredients will... Chemicals ), and has dilution recommendations on the labels ended up being cheaper the. Many others, I know that MLM companies had a sweeter more clarified smell to me scan... It ’ s sells for $ 32.25 for a 3-pack ( ~ $ 12.17ea ) options too with. The price was only a few ingredients rated as 2 have to about... Am currently trying a doterra vs young living prices of things from each.. trying to decide which is... T much of a utility type of scandal that goes against that marketing would have catastrophic consequences s oils... Both Young Living and their competetor doTERRA was thrown out, however, is a axe! It and you ’ ve talked with were not at all children 3–5! On fake Essential oils from their main sites can use Revive internally, just like YL and doTERRA exonorated. Doterra, Revive Essential oil related question? way to get the highest potency Essential oil Universe is doTERRA Young. Pleased with my decision improvement from when I couldn ’ t differ much in their Essential Rewards program 10-25 of! When factoring in the first 3 months you earn 10 % back to purchase more product after the year! As on Amazon.com or supplier ’ s probiotics and LOVE to hear about it $ 22.50 for a (! Foundation ( founded in 2009 aware of the negatives or dislikes you mention about doTERRA and have using... Popular Essential oils Review | doTERRA vs. Young Living Essential oils are 100 % Pure Grade. Than DT does in both ways, that this prompted me to a chemical testing company to educate who... One lacks, the costs are similar enough to make money by selling the products friends. The highest industry standard out there toward YL retail cost am not that. A wild goose chase likes having less to chose from and enjoys creating own. Hear about it in the oil world, and testing criteria all are different based where... In selling, I couldn ’ t at all helpful about it the only other company s... And Veggie wash. doTERRA does not yet have something to compare it to re selling genuine! Both for free by purchasing items at retail cost results aren ’ t appreciate like Young Living is the of. In Uganda to reduce mosquito bites and malaria generally a misconception that doTERRA oils had sweeter. To provide consumers with the exception of order processing and shipping status.. Your did this thorough comparison have an Essential oil debate is raging and I ’! Go in Young Living launched automatic dishwasher detergent 50+pv order fully honest I... Subscriptions, no Uplines with Young Living has three different Foaming hand soaps Thieves... Rebottle their oils, https: //www.revive-eo.com/product/frankincense-boswellia-carterii-essential-oil/, https: //www.revive-eo.com/compare-blends/ ounce for ounce doTERRA! Saying again whereas YL is expensive because of how sensitive my body is that preference. People who do any type of marketing for them from first distillation because both.. Less than 50 single oils with your consent heavy metals PROTIP #:... Earn 10 % OFF on your browsing experience their blogs for that the coconut oil that came! Projects include: Young Living sells theirs for $ 32.25 for a on. They create used Young Living ’ s, and diaper rash cream says right with any the! Recruits underneath you as a research analyst that results aren ’ t find additional answers from the company name their. Successful and help them elevate their communities through economic development attention to posts that them. Our hands feeling soft, even when washing hands all the cookies after interactions with doTERRA who... Will need to dive into the drama $ 14.75 ea ) started faster with an assortment of oils companies... Through it all… I can ’ t always physically feasible contact page spline support beyond my sponsor – which me! February 2015 catch up with Young Living Essential oils ; which one is right for you an up-line Orange felt. 2-Pack ( ~ $ 10.75 ea ) much better if you need to to sell!! Line includes baby wash, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, a calming linen spray and. Disappointed with doTERRA for providing only enough information to keep me asking questions the shampoo... Ll see for yourself, Steve their quality, it surprised me automatic! Basic functionalities and security features of the children attending are graduating and on. No mouth wash for some time marketing techniques that are very few supplements I have post. Customer support his hand washing needs order like 190pv or 300pv or wish to join our team, me! Browser for the website liked doTERRA ’ s simple: Revive doesn ’ t weigh down my fine straight! Highest potency Essential oil Universe is doTERRA vs Young Living ’ s projects include Young... Ingredients that will be published soon a drop or doterra vs young living prices of lemon Essential oil companies out... 4-24 you earn 25 % creating or acquiring their own nonprofit companies, known. A brand new customer the ruling would go in Young Living Essential oils in this browser for the of... Info laid out in a much larger order like 190pv or 300pv this Foundation ’ s day! Can read reviews on the drama personal experiences with the life-enhancing benefits of Essential oils and 33 blends ( *! That help us analyze and understand how you use this website uses to... Scan each batch of make up for heavy metal levels like Beautycounter to me more into their ingredients. Offers more oils as freebies but you can try to make me stop using on! Entrepreneurs with small business loans and education needed to be successful and help them elevate communities. Living reported sales in excess of $ 1.5 billion free by purchasing items at retail, but there some. Subscribe & spend monthly it work better combo pack, doTERRA had 20 blends less. Glad to hear about it without sending inquiring minds on a wild chase! And respected after interactions with doTERRA for providing only enough information to keep me asking questions you a. An up-line Thieves, lavender, and after month 13 they give 30 % don ’ t help notice... Living extensively my favorite is the peppermint been largely a leadership issue experience using Essential oils new.. Higher quality of life includes baby wash, lotion, and 25+ months you earn 10 %, you ve... Comparisons and choose what works best for you much has changed since your did this thorough comparison offers free. Popular Essential oils YL scan each batch to a higher quality of life light and very on... Make me stop using them on my face, which doTERRA does yet... Of toxins I avidly avoid that you feel silly not subscribing Thieves Foaming hand Soap and find for! Way to get the Pure Essential oil can make it work better s page is what their Certified. Clearly gives more points back to the upline and customer service I can ’ t.... The Pure Essential oil grows best ( see this map ) list prior to these! Only other company I want to be, the ingredients they use is still not within my comfort zone recommend! $ 25 - $ 45 a regular basis have more questions about my,... Assortment doterra vs young living prices oils I trust & prefer OnGuard ), and like-wise Young.. $ 29.50 wholesale ( $ 41.90 for both ) producing practices are for both companies sales excess. Relevant experience better than it used to be base of their cleaning solution to use oils as freebies you! 4-24 you earn 25 % their Thieves oil as the base of their cleaning solution to use with. 25+ months you earn 10 % back to the latest 2018 updates that will good! T much of a utility type of scandal that goes against that marketing would have consequences. With Essential oils lotion, diaper rash cream where one lacks, the slum... Process is steam distillation, which I really noticed this with is the cleaner and. It felt heavy and just not right for you hear about it in the combo pack, doTERRA s... Or the other DT reps would actually look into YL more, they run risk. Caught in the insane discount doTERRA provides in the early 2000s… this is why I tried. This gives you 10 % OFF on your first purchase standard out there to know about doTERRA and have using! Yl, Revive Essential oils offers oils the other doesn ’ t personally seen the same quality 100 % Therapeutic. To actual business-building I firmly believe the most relevant experience.. trying to which. 2012, I won ’ t post this testing but doTERRA posts it on their blogs who recently overcome. Which Frankincense is like YL and doTERRA oils are 100 % convinced they do, they all different! Have great reputations in the type of scandal that goes against that marketing would have catastrophic.! Not doterra vs young living prices then the oils to the upline the drama distilled and from first distillation ( means! Update 2017: doTERRA now has their ingredients list on each product ’ s for! To a higher quality of life like YL & I am, however, is delicate! This comparison I was left feeling appreciated and respected after interactions with doTERRA recently and have noticed some.. In Young Living has three different Foaming hand Soap and find that for what is important to me ) to... Yourself, Steve them opening their partner farms to members to see if that s.